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Robin & Sue FronrathWe became a part of Bryson City and its people in July of 1999 when we purchased the property that would become Lands Creek Log Cabins. As with many of our friends, we'd visit The Great Smoky Mountains as often as we could and each time it was tougher to go back home. From the first time we drove into this valley and alongside Lands Creek we knew we were meant to be here.

Robin moved up to start building and site work in July of 2000. Sue along with Josh and Kyle followed in June 2001. What later became the "Squirrels Nest" cabin was the only cabin here when we began.

Lands Creek Log Cabins is a business built by the efforts and belief of family and friends. It is a true "family business" in every sense. We are blessed to have the creative minds and talents onboard that have grown this place into something amazing. Long-time friend and all-round creative guy Steve "Zif" Floor has been here from the start heading up our construction and making it happen.

Johnny Floor and family moved up the following year bringing the music to Lands Creek. By the blessings of God and with a whole lot of help from our forever friend Jim Glass, Lands Creek Recording Studio was born. Along the way, and with many others, we have all been band mates for years. Karen Floor has been singing the blues along side Johnny for almost 30 years. A lot of incredible music has been recorded here already and we're just getting started!

Sue's brother Jeff, along with wife Linnie and daughters Erika and Libby came on board in the summer of 2004. They were the just the right fit at the right time. With all of this family and extended family around we strive to make our guest feel at home when they stay with us.

By the efforts of many we have grown a great deal in our time. Our grounds are now at 80 acres and the home to 17 wonderful cabins and The Lands Creek Lodge. At the center of it and down by the creek is Harmony Hall, a lot of great times are ahead!

As we have grown, we have had one goal at the foundation of our business: To touch peoples' lives in a positive way and to provide the opportunity for memories.

Toll free: 888-346-9793

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